About HEWI

As a systems supplier, HEWI offers universal solutions for hardware and sanitary areas. A high degree of functionality, award-winning design, high-quality and inter-generational usability characterise the products. In this way, comfort, convenience and accessibility become natural givens.

Focus on accessibility As far back as 1979, HEWI developed its first fit out products for older and physically impaired people. Working in collaboration with architects and users, HEWI developed further functional and design-orientated products and acquired topic and market leadership in the accessibility segment. The products not only offer outstanding aesthetics but also unlimited functions. For HEWI, universal design means developing products that can be used intuitively by everyone, regardless of their physical or mental capabilities.

HEWI today The family-run business now operates worldwide with around 600 employees. The HEWI production facilities – now grown to 43,000 m² – are based in the north Hessian town of Mengeringhausen. The company’s administration is located in the neighbouring town of Bad Arolsen.

Universal system solutions With the networking of the hardware and sanitary fields of business, HEWI satisfies the growing standard of the market and offers universal system solutions from a single source. The systems and ranges are formally matched with each other and therefore enable continuous, consistent design – from office or commercial buildings to hotels through to private houses.

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HEWI is like buying a 1st Class plane ticket.

You get it all

Get what you pay for

All the style

Phenomenal engineering

Extensive range of choices for the most discerning customer

         Hewi have 15 Collections.

The Collections have an encompassing design approach for the entire bathroom. Not only do you get all the primary function items such as a shower support rail but co-ordinated accessories to match culminating in a cohesive design style that is aesthetically pleasing.

  • System 900
  • System 815
  • System 100
  • System 800
  • System 800K
  • Range 805
  • Range 805 Classic
  • System 162
  • Range 477/801
  • Range 477/801 Matt Edition
  • Range 802 Life System
  • S 50 Modules
  • M40 Furniture
  • Accessories
  • Universal Products

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